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QUICK THOUGHT: Care For Something Else To Take Care Of Yourself

April 24, 2017


We all know how hard it is to take care of yourself.


Cooking, cleaning, just doing "adult things" in general…but did you ever think that taking care of something other than yourself could actually improve your own well being? Depending on how much time/commitment you have to give, the appropriate “something” for you to care for varies- a dog requires way more energy than owning some plants yet both are beneficial!


Take a look at some of those benefits: 



Dropping out requires working a lot on yourself and obsessing over your own success; this can cause you to forget about the rest of the world. Having a living thing in your living space is a great reminder that you are not everything and there is life outside of yours.



Health Benefits


1.) Dogs 

Reduce stress, blood pressure, and of course…are a wonderful companion who is always thrilled with your presence.


2.) Fish

Reduce stress as well as blood pressure.


3.) Plants

Give off oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide which improves sleep quality, concentration, and memory. 



Time Management


A new being in the mix requires you to fit it’s care into your schedule. When you first drop out you may have a loose schedule which can have bad effects on things such as your sleep. Yet owning a dog, for instance, may cause you to wake up earlier to go outside giving you an earlier start to your day (plus some exercise)!

I hope that you give yourself the opportunity to experience the joy of being a care taker. Of course, do your research and be prepared before diving into the responsibility of another life but, I believe that the time and energy it takes is absolutely worth it! 






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