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PRAXIS: Pay $12,000, Earn $14,000, And Land A Job In 9 Months

April 20, 2017

You dropout and you are looking for something to help guide you along and develop your professional skills. Look no further than Praxis, a 9 month program that helps you land a job or gives you the skills to start your own business! 


Sounds too good to be true? 


It almost is! But I assure you it's real. I came to know about Praxis through a friend named Simon Fraser, also the author of Undecided. He works at Praxis and his passion in helping other dropouts find their passion is very apparent. 

So Here Is How The Program Is Broken Down:


1. At first you go through a 3 month pre-apprenticeship program. This is where you will work with the Praxis team and where they will help you develop and increase the skills you will need in the real world. This is what will prepare you for your 6 month apprenticeship. 


2. After the 3 months you will start your 6 month paid startup apprenticeship. This is where you will be planted in a startup business where you will get to shadow founders and CEOs and experience real world work. 


3. At the end of the 9 months they guarantee you a post program job offer, either through the business you were doing your apprenticeship through or from another business in the Praxis network. Some professionals even decide to start their own business at the end. I will also note that on the website it states that the average salary for post program graduates is $50,000 dollars. 

How Much Does It Cost? 


The program costs $12,000 dollars with payment plans available. Hold up. Did you say $12,000 dollars?!?! Not to worry, when working at your apprenticeship you will make $14,000 dollars. More than the cost of the entire program!

My Thoughts On Praxis: 


From reading the information and testimonials on their website and talking to Simon I truly believe this company is out to help other people period. Is it for every dropout? No, I don't believe any one thing is for everyone, just like The Dropout might not be for you. BUT, I believe Praxis is the start of a revolution. The revolution of education and how the future generations will learn. Colleges will never disappear but more and more companies like Praxis will start to pop up, and that's good, competition is good. 


And in the end, it is good for the "people". And when I say "people" I mean every present and future person to touch the face of the earth. The way we are approaching learning through traditional college is dying, and the cost is only increasing. The skills needed to thrive in todays fast paced world are ever evolving, and we need to approach learning in that way. 


So, check out Praxis and chat with an actual Praxis employee on the site. This may be the place you were looking for.

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