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QUICK THOUGHT: Action Over Everything

April 19, 2017


When you dream of what you want your life to look like in 5 or 10 years you can think up some pretty amazing scenarios, right? You can picture your dream job(s), what you house or apartment will look like, what kind of car you will driving, the lifestyle you will be living, etc. 


And within that you can scheme up some ideas of how to get to that "milestone". I bet you have 5 business ideas already in your head on how you can make more money or impact the world. All these "things" are pent up inside of our own brains, and guess what? Most people never let them out. They sit on them, and let them sit until it's too late or at least until they think it's too late. 




Action over quality. Action over logic. Action over strategy. Action over ________. Put anything you want in there, at the end of the day if you cannot execute nothing else will matter, because you will never be able to complete or finish what YOU want to do. 


There will never be a perfect time to start anything. Rid your mind of aligning the stars, hit the ground running and put in the work. Anything you start will not be to the level of quality as it will be in one year. But to get to that level of quality in one year you have to start now. 


Comment what you will be starting today. GO!


psst. If you are having trouble figuring out what you need to start or where to start you should check out my friend Simon's new side project called Project Every Week where he will send you highly actionable project ideas that you can start today! Check it out HERE!

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